My elopement photography packages can include full-day coverage, that way I can capture every single detail of your intimate and personal elopement, from getting ready to exchanging vows and the intimate moments that follow. I also offer engagement and maternity shoots, so you can relive the magic of your elopement for years to come. Don’t forget to check out the Officiant add on to make it the easiest elopement planning possible!

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Yosemite National Park offers an abundance of breathtaking elopement locations! The park's famous landmarks such as Half Dome, El Capitan, and Yosemite Falls are perfect for a grand and majestic ceremony. For a more secluded and intimate setting, the park also offers beautiful meadows, cascading waterfalls, and serene alpine lakes. With years of experience shooting in Yosemite National Park and a deep understanding of the park's unique beauty and best elopement locations, I will work with you to create the perfect photographic story of your special day. Whether you're planning a sunrise ceremony at the base of Half Dome, a waterfall elopement or an intimate sunset picnic in the meadows, I'll be there to capture the magic and beauty of your elopement!

Why Elope in yosemite national park?

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so to sum it up...

Yosemite National Park is basically the VIP spot for eloping. It's got the views, the romance, the variety, the photo ops, the adventures, the convenience, and that touch of nature's peace. Your elopement here won't just be a day; it'll be a story you'll tell for ages, filled with memories that'll stick around forever.

Yosemite is like this zen garden where you can escape the chaos of normal life. It's all about peace and quiet, letting you soak in the moment and focus on each other. The calm and beauty of Yosemite create this vibe of serenity, making it the perfect place to promise forever to your better half.

07. Zen Zone

For a place that feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, Yosemite is surprisingly easy to get to. There's a mix of lodging, from cute cabins to fancy hotels, and even campsites if you're feeling wild. Plus, being not too far from big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles makes it a breeze for couples and their crew to get there.

06. Easy Peasy Access

Yosemite isn't just about saying "I do." It's about saying "I do" and then having the adventure of a lifetime. Hiking trails with mind-blowing views, rock climbing for the daring, scenic drives that'll make your heart race, and picnics by waterfalls — it's a whole package of outdoor awesomeness.

05. Adventure Awaits

If you're into capturing moments, like me, Yosemite is a photographer's jackpot. Sunsets, alpenglow, those epic granite formations, and lush greenery create a visual feast for your wedding photos. Your photographer (me again!) will have a field day turning your elopement into a work of art in this breathtaking setting.

04. Photographer's Paradise

Yosemite's like a box of chocolates, but with elopement spots. You've got the iconic Yosemite Valley with its meadows and cliffs, the chill Tuolumne Meadows, the stunning Glacier Point, the enchanting Mariposa Grove, and more. It's like a smorgasbord of settings, letting you pick the perfect backdrop for your dream day.

03.  Spots for Every Mood

Elopements are all about that close-knit, private feel, right? Yosemite's got these tucked-away corners where you can say your vows surrounded by nature's show. Whether you're into a ceremony up on a mountain, a secret meadow, or by a babbling brook, Yosemite's got that vibe that makes your love story feel extra special.

02. Cozy and Romantic Vibes

Yosemite is like nature's masterpiece gallery. Picture this: towering granite cliffs, waterfalls doing their thing, peaceful meadows, and these ancient giant sequoias that make everything feel magical. The famous spots like Half Dome, El Capitan, and Yosemite Falls add this touch of awe and beauty that'll make your elopement feel like a fairytale.

01. Jaw-Dropping Views

and let me tell you why it's so darn perfect


Best time: Morning - 1 mile (easy)

Best time: All the time - easy access by car 

Best Time: Morning - 1 mile loop (easy)

Best time: Sunrise or Sunset - 2.2 miles round trip (moderate)

Best time: All the time - easy access by car 

Best time: Sunrise - easy access by car 

Best time: Sunset - 2.2 miles hike round trip (easy - moderate)


Remember to plan well in advance, especially if you're considering popular dates or locations. Yosemite is a popular destination, and careful preparation will help ensure your elopement is a beautiful and stress-free experience. Katelyn Bradley Photography is here to help you plan your perfect day and capture the memories along the way! 

Planning an elopement in Yosemite National Park requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a smooth and memorable experience. Here's a checklist of what you might need

What is needed to elope in yosemite?

the necessities

  • It is $150 to get married Yosemite National Park.
  • Some popular sites may have specific regulations, and obtaining a permit ensures you have the legal authorization to hold your ceremony.
  • Katelyn can help you obtain these permits!


  • Obtain a marriage license in advance. Yosemite County Clerk's Office or a nearby county office can provide information on obtaining a license.

Marriage License

  • Arrange for an officiant to perform the ceremony. It could be a minister, priest, rabbi, or someone authorized to solemnize marriages in California.
  • Katelyn is also Ordained to help make choosing an Officiant even easier and for a more personalized ceremony! See my elopement officiant package


  • Ensure you have the required number of witnesses, usually one to two individuals, as per California marriage laws.


  • Hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments. Yosemite offers stunning landscapes, and having a skilled photographer ensures you preserve the memories.

Photographer: (ME!)

  • - Choose attire suitable for the weather and terrain. Yosemite's climate can vary, so be prepared for potential changes in temperature.
  • - “The dirtier the dress, the better the day!” -According to Katelyn Bradley Photography

Wedding Attire

  • Consider floral arrangements for the bride and groom. Yosemite's natural beauty can be complemented with simple, elegant bouquets.

Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere

  • Arrange transportation to and within Yosemite. Whether you're staying in the park or nearby, ensure you have a plan for getting to your chosen elopement location.


  • Book accommodations in advance. Yosemite offers various lodging options, from hotels and cabins to campgrounds, catering to different preferences.
  • Check out AirBnbs and Hotels outside of the park as well - Ask Katelyn for her recommendations


  • Choose a specific location within Yosemite for your elopement ceremony. Research the various spots and consider factors like accessibility, views, and atmosphere.

Plan Your Ceremony Location

  • Be aware of the seasonal conditions. Yosemite experiences different weather patterns, and certain locations may be more accessible or picturesque during specific times of the year.
  • Katelyn says, “Yosemite is beautiful year-round. Some locations are not accessible during the winter, but there is something magical about Yosemite in the snow. I love it in all seasons!”

Seasonal Considerations

  • Katelyn Bradley Photography follows the Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment. Respect the natural surroundings and leave the area as pristine as you found it.

Leave No Trace

  • Have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Katelyn always comes with “Just in Case” box when in Yosemite as most spots are remote and she likes to take care of her people and be prepared!

Backup Plan

  • Understand and respect the rules and guidelines set by the National Park Service for Yosemite. This includes rules about photography, ceremonies, and park etiquette.

Familiarize Yourself with Rules

  • Plan a celebratory meal, whether it's a picnic in the park or a reservation at a nearby restaurant.
  • Katelyn always recommends lots of snacks, even if you aren't doing a full meal! Bring your favorites! Champagne never hurts either!

Celebratory Meal

  • Don't forget the wedding rings!


let's elope!

Its hard to describe the beauty and magic that is holds, which is why I love going often and taking photos to share with the world. When my Husband and I got married I created the “Free the Dress” movement for us because he wanted a big wedding and I wanted to elope. So we had a big wedding with all our friends and family, which was amazing, and then came to Yosemite so I could run around in my wedding dress in Yosemite and take absolutely fabulous photos! It will forever hold that special place in my heart because of that.

I also grew upcoming to Yosemite with my family. We would camp, hike, and picnic by Mirror Lake. When I was a senior in High School I had the pleasure of climbing Half Dome for the first time with my family and a bunch of our family friends. It was the climb of a lifetime, also considering I had a broken thumb at the time and had to hold the cables between my middle and ring fingers (not something I recommend). Yosemite is magical, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone who has the desire to visit! 

I love Yosemite! It is one of my all time favorite places in the world.

a note from katelyn

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"Kate has the SWEETEST soul and we could feel the love around us! She helped keep it fun and memorable. She truly cares about what YOU want on your day. Book with her, she’s amazing!!!"

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